Wonderville is an automated marketing agency. We are number one in Sweden in automating and event management communications. With a proprietary platform for marketing automation, we dare to promise that no marketing today is more cost effective.
Wonderville has created one of Europe's coolest platforms for marketing automation, or automated marketing as we say in Sweden. The platform is called eManager and is currently working on fifteen marketing channels. The result is amazing - we guarantee that our marketing is more efficient!
Investing in marketing automation is to invest in your company's digital marketing channels, and get maximum returns. Do not hold back your company's chance of maximizing growth. Contact us for an unconditional meeting!

Automated Marketing

Wonderville is an advertising agency with a focus. We know how to reach the goal. For us it’s about efficiency and results. Our marketing is digital, measurable, event-driven and automated. We promise that no marketing today is cost effective. The hub of our marketing, our own developed tools eManager. The platform allows us to automate marketing processes in various market channels. Our various modules “talk” to each other. The result is that we can event manage processes to customer behavior, this means that the timing of our communication is done with telescopic sights.

What is eManager?
eManager is an automatically digitized marketing system, a system for companies to maximize marketing impact, thereby increasing sales. eManager enables coordination, overview and interaction between various media and channels in a new and revolutionary way. The automation allows data to flow from the CRM system to and between marketing platforms. The integrated, automated and digitized tool eManager provides a clear overview of how a lead turns into a customer. The digital flow between the different platforms also creates significant efficiencies, as previously manual can now be handled automatically.

  • AD

    AD is a perfect system for creating ads, business cards, correspondence cards and much more. Module AD has a simple web interface that makes it easier to get the material you need

  • Email

    Module eMail creates and sends e-mail and measures outcomes. The hierarchical functionality is perfect for larger chains. Templates, landing pages and scheduling etcetera are of course standard

  • ePDF

    Module ePDF easily converts your printed matter to digital directories. Module ePDF creates scrollable pdfs for your website. Easy for both you and your customers

  • Lead

    Our module LEAD offers a user-friendly interface for managing response to digital mail. Getting a direct overview of results and follow-up is invaluable

  • Micro

    Our module MICRO allows you to create websites, micro pages, which are automatically optimized for Google, which makes the page high in organic search

  • Poster

    In module POSTER you can quickly and easily make your signs, posters and other promotional materials online. Templates ensure the graphical profile

  • Print

    PRINT is a tool for variable-controlled brochures. An unlimited number of users can be linked to an account. Users can choose which of the company’s products to be visualized in their brochure, as well as set their own prices. A simple, new and effective way to create custom-made brochures

  • SMS

    Text Message is a messaging engine for text and picture messaging to mobile phones. Who will get the communication can easily be linked with other modules such as LEAD and E-POST world class!

  • Web

    In the WEB module, the look of your website is handled. Your site can automatically change appearance at promotional events and also depending on which user visits it. It’s web 3.0 we’re talking about


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We can find your new customers! Wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew which of your customers are interested in each individual product you want to promote? By generating leads through automated marketing, you can find those customers who are more interested in your products than other customers are – and you can choose to communicate and process them just when they need your product!


Leads is the names of customers and potentials who are more interested than others. You distinguish between cold and hot leads, which means that some are less and some are more interested. Lead generation enables you to develop your sales efforts. If you process many customers, you can find out which customers show interest and who do not. Process those who are interested in exactly the right time, timing in the message means everything.


The work begins with a thorough analysis consisting of purpose and problem. We analyze, among other things, your intended audience and investigate the validity of your existing contact information. In the analysis phase, your purpose is defined and your lead generation goal.


Each company and each campaign is unique and has different purposes and conditions. Having a clear strategy for how the processing of customers should be is paramount in order to maximize dividends. We appoint a project manager and a creative manager working closely with you. The strategy phase includes determining how you want to appear in your messages and what you want to get to your recipients. We make suggestions on how the communication will look and in how many different steps you should choose to generate leads. The strategy phase emerges in a concrete and detailed action plan.


Based on the action plan established, practical lead generation work should be done. Important parameters to take into account here are when the various campaigns will take place, and above all what should happen after conducting a lead generation campaign. We are generating leads to you and ensuring that lead generation has the correct scope for subsequent sales support and follow-up. Some companies take care of the follow-up of the leads themselves, others also hand over the follow-up of the campaign to us. Follow-up should take place within five business days after each lead generation.


Lead generation gives immediate effect. The effect we measure and deliver to you. Together we go through the work done and yield the results it has given. We measure the work done to meet the stated objectives. In our evaluations, we are of course objective and highlight both what was good but also what could be better. We believe in good relationships with our customers, always striving for our customers to be more than happy and of course want to keep working with us!



Wonderville works continously with Corporate Social Responsibility. For us, CSR means that we as a company have a social global responsibility. We at Wonderville have chosen to commit socially and ethically with help projects for vulnerable children.


CSR is more than just sponsorship and philanthropy, it’s rather about responsibility and humanity. Working with CSR does not have to be as big and complicated as it may seem many times. We ourselves have experienced that with very small funds can make a big difference.


In the fall of 2013, Wonderville School was completed in Gamboula, Central African Republic. The school was Wonderville’s first major CSR project and has been both engaging and satisfying. The school currently has approximately 80 students, 60 of whom are orphans.


The project started with the idea of ​​helping to complete a building for a school, but turned into a full school, with classrooms, benches, school fees for children who could not afford schooling and more.


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