CL Fitness

5 September, 2017

CL Fitness has since 1985 developed and delivered training solutions to everything from training clubs, associations, private companies, public institutions, gym to hotel and spa. Today, CL Fitness agents in Sweden have three major brands: Precor, Milon and Hoist. Wonderville has been working closely with CL Fitness for several years, and has developed graphic profiles, marketing materials, website and more.

A major assignment Wonderville has had for CL Fitness was to develop a common, graphically protruding profile for their brands.

We created a stripped tight profile, which distinguishes itself from the fitness industry in general. Market material is based on image material from model and product photography. White machines with white-washed people. The result stands out, attracting attention, exactly what CL Fitness was aiming for. Everything goes in the same style, from website, business cards, brochures, campaigns to trade fairs.

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