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A world-renowned fitness industry from the United States is turning to the advertising agency Wonderville in Örebro to get help with its digital marketing.

During the four years the company has existed, Wonderville has made a strong growth trip. They have gone from zero to 30 million. It seems that there is a turbo in that engine, and now they can enter a higher gear when they have HOIST Fitness as a passenger.

The San Diego based company HOIST Fitness takes the next step in the development of training machines. Instead of the classic static, machines with more moving parts make the body move in a different way during the intervals and that the exercises become more individually adapted to each person’s bodybuilding. HOIST’s products are available worldwide in health clubs, military facilities, hotels, universities, corporate hospitals and can be purchased through resellers.

Now, HOIST wants Wonderville to help them with the very latest and hottest in digital development, special apps for service and sales. In addition to Hoist, another actor from the United States knocks on Wonderville’s door to gain access to their expertise and knowledge. The office of Wonderville is obviously proud that their hard work pays off and that they generate attention outside Sweden’s borders, and especially in the big country on the other side of the pelt Atlantic.

Kenneth Båth, CEO of Wonderville says: “Getting a step outside the borders is always fun and we’ve done it before with Xerox, but this is the first time we take a US customer. I think it’s really fun that we from little Sweden can tense the muscles and catch the big players!

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On 23 October, 2013

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