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Kroppsterapeuterna (The Body Therapists’ Professional Associations)  and Wonderville have together developed a marketing concept that stands out and attracted attention.

Our members have started their businesses to carry out the profession they are trained to, “said Peter Feldt, Secretary General of the Body Therapists’ Professional Federation. Working with marketing and selling yourself to be fully booked is something that is often experienced as complicated and difficult, not to mention costly, Peter says. Therefore, on behalf of us, Wonderville has developed a multimedial market plan with automated marketing communications that all members can get to know.

We provide our members with the opportunity to take advantage of advanced marketing communications tailored to the individual member’s business. The communication is centrally developed and is variable-controlled, thus appearing to come from the individual member and it takes place completely automatically. All our members need to do is join, so all marketing is done automatically, “continues Peter.

Mats Rytter, Wonderville, has, as former CEO of Womens Health, a very good knowledge of the healthcare industry and the prevailing competition.

The investment is multimedial and gives members access to an intelligent market platform whose goal is to increase the number of booked visits for each individual therapist. The market is tough and competition is rock hard, says Mats Rytter. We at Wonderville specialize in automated and variable-driven marketing. To variable-control all communication, both analog and digital, so the individual member is a sender in his market is one of the keys to success!

It is essential to give the members the tools needed to become visible on the market. I know that many in the federation want to stop doing treatments, “continues Peter.

But for members’ success as entrepreneurs it is important that customers find the clinic. With the right expectations of course! It will be very exciting to follow the outcome of this opportunity given to the members, “said Peter Feldt.

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On 11 March, 2016

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