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We have previously told about our school in Africa. After meeting with the Evangelical Church of Liberty, Wonderville takes the next step. Of the school’s total 80 students, 60 are orphaned and only 15 students are served lunch one day a week. Wonderville has decided to pay food for all students every school day and Wonderville will also pay the children’s school fees.

– We chose to enter this project and will complete it. It is impossible with the economic abundance we have in Sweden to not be affected and want to help when children lack the most elementary in life, “says Kennet Båth, CEO Wonderville AB. In this project we have come to half-time and will play the match clearly. We are now also in the concept of looking at the next project that is a school to. Our dream is that a few more in our industry will pay attention to our project and want to participate. Being able to do such efforts seems very privileged, concludes Kennet.

(Image: Mattias Josephson, Life-giving Company, Magnus Berg Wonderville,
Lima Sylvain, Assistant RCA and Kennet Boat Wonderville.)

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On 3 October, 2013

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