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“It’s great to see that with quite a small amount of money you can make a difference. Now the school is ready and 72 children get the chance of one education and increased conditions for a better life. We hope to continue and build a school this year.

This is what Kennet Båth, MD of the advertising agency Wonderville says, says that the school, located in Gamboula, Central African Republic, is now ready.

To our great pleasure, one of our customers has participated in the project by contributing financially to funding school benches and chairs for the new school building. It feels good, we want more people to hang on.

“It feels so good to do something that is so far from our usual everyday life. But we should not forget that it is our normal business and everyday business in advertising and marketing that gave us the financial opportunities to carry out projects like this. If our small company can enforce such a project, I am convinced that more could do the same thing – and more.

The construction project has been carried out in collaboration with Life-giving Company, a part of the Evangelical Church of the Holy Spirit.

“As we said before, it’s no great project, but it’s a start. I hope that we will be able to build a school this year, but we take one step at a time. I also hope that we will be able to inspire more in the advertising industry to join. To see pictures of all the children, their joy to be able to go to school, it really warmed in the heart. We all are so highly prioritized only to live and live in Sweden, we actually happened to be born here, nothing we have done or done to make it happen, are we not obliged to help? We can all make a difference,  you too! concludes Wondervilles CEO Kennet Båth.

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On 20 March, 2013

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